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Posted on November 22, 2012 by PR Team


And so, as the leaves drift forlornly to the ground, and bare trees cast skeletal shadows over damp pavements, there is at least one thing that continues to grow in opposition to the harsh November winds…the humble moustache. Man’s favoured upper lip warmer has firmly taken root amongst the grads, and the seeds of healthy competition, too, have begun to grow and take hold.

Movember is the cause responsible for the dubious lip decorations you may have seen adorning the faces of various men this month. The annual drive sees Mo Bros (and supportive Mo Sistas) pay homage to this bastion of facial fashion in order to raise vital funds, and awareness, for issues surrounding men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

In the spirit of this, grads Louis and Chris decided to undertake the challenge and set about cultivating their own facial topiary, and here’s how they’re getting on:


I started this month with a dream; a dream that Hawaiian shirts and dazzling whiskers need not be the preserve of 1980s TV idols; a dream that I, too, could twirl a moustache in moments of deep thought; a dream that women would swoon and men would seethe in envy at the lustrous mane that sat below my nose. Sadly, this dream did not materialise, instead I remembered that the few hairs I could grow on my top lip were the sort of ginger one might see on an unhealthy tomcat. Safe to say I probably won’t be inspiring any copy-cat ‘taches in the office anytime soon.


‘There are men, and then there are men with moustaches.’ – Burt Reynolds*

It was with enthusiasm that I accepted Chris’s mo’down – an opportunity to flaunt my sophisticated, auburn lip warmer whilst appearing modest, altruistic even – and my enjoyment soon multiplied exponentially as it become clear that I was all but a sure thing. I was riding high, my moustache was growing thicker (and more dignified) by the day while Chris’s had stagnated before fully sprouting. But, then something happened; in the 5th floor toilet, as I took the opportunity during a rare quiet moment to admire (and stroke) my mo’, I turned to get a profile glimpse and was confronted with a harrowing image. My lip caught the light, my heart skipped, my stomach sank -  I thought I had seen a ghost – there, in front of me, on my own top lip, lay the mo’ of my bro – Chris Tivey.

*allegedly (or was it Tom Selleck?)


You can keep updated on Chris and Louis’ efforts, and donate to their Mospace here:

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