The Wembley Cup

Teams involved

  • Brand Experience
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Reimagining football for the YouTube generation.

What we did

We partnered EE with YouTube influencers, leaders of the FIFA gaming community, and built a branded programme - "The Wembley Cup”.

The innovative format was carefully formulated to maximise drama and entertainment value in this script-less, ego-intensive environment and the results push the volume and quality of engagement to new heights, clearly resonating with the tricky-to-reach market.

Four seasons in, The EE Wembley Cup is a content series following teams of YouTubers as they build their squads, compete in challenges, win footballing legends and meet for a live final at Wembley Stadium.

What we learnt

Throughout the project, our key concern was keeping the content true to the spirit of the individual YouTuber ‘brands’. The main risk in an influencer-driven project of this nature is the YouTubers losing interest and straying from everything not inked in the contract.

We had to allow the autonomy for them to play it their own way and, much like with reality show formats, create situations to riff off and to stimulate and motivate in order to drive the performance and narrative.



views over the last 4 seasons


average views for the live streaming final


uplift in brand consideration & first choice purchase intent


of all activity is organic


tickets sold over the last 3 finals

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